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Energy Service


Company model. We provide solutions that reduce energy costs and support decarbonization strategy.

Technological know-how combined with a flexible ESCO financing model.

Project type:
OFF-SITE photovoltaic farms
commercial properties

Case study

Ghelamco Poland

is the leader of commercial property market in Poland and a pioneer in innovations, creation of placemaking projects, smart buildings and sustainable construction.

The company’s flagship investment is the Warsaw Spire complex with Plac Europejski. Warsaw UNIT is their most ecological and technologically advanced commercial property. The first office building in Poland fully powered by clean energy.

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Project details

For our client, Ghelamco Poland, we have implemented an innovative project of off-site photovoltaic farms in the ESCO model. We have provided financing for the construction of 11 PV farms located in different parts of Poland, all of which supply green energy to Warsaw UNIT building in the city center.

The usage of clean energy enables the developer over 50 percent of CO2
emissions reduction
in the global building life cycle.

It is the first skyscraper in Poland that entirely powered by green energy. The contractor of the investment is Revolt Energy, part of the Blachotrapez group.

Off-site model benefits

Own renewable energy

as a part of company’s mix

Energy price


PLN 0 for a start

no capex

Sustainability and ESG

implementation of environmentally responsible policy

Ready-to-build project

no development process

Energy independence

less dependence on market energy suppliers

Details of remote model

Off-site PV farms are solar power plants located within a significant distance from the company or headquarters.
Unlike traditional installations set up on the roof or a ground of the property (so-called on-site), such farms can be built around various locations.

The energy generated in off-site farms is power balanced by a Balance Responsible Party (BRP)
Off-site PV installation can also fulfill the energy mix when a company already has a traditional PV farm, but its energy demand is higher and there is no possibility to build the installation on its premises.

Implementation process



the area may be owned by the investor or leased by the owner of the off-site PV installation


Fixed energy price

the subscription fee guarantees the investor a fixed energy price. The saved funds have a direct impact on the subscription fee, and its settlement is faction fact free of charge


Energy distribution

the model uses public power grid which involves distribution fees


Energy balancing

energy can come from many production sources, taking into account the costs of balancing


ESCO model

within the subscription period ESCOlight is the owner of the off-site PV installation and is responsible for its construction, operation and maintenance


Do I need to have my own land for a PV installation in an off-site model?

No, this is not necessary. We provide ready-made designs and land for off-site projects.

We already have a PV installation on the roof. Is this still a solution for our company?

Yes, absolutely. On-site installations rarely provide the entire energy demand, which is why off-site farms are a perfect to the company’s mix.

What is the maximum and minimum financing period?
The financing period lasts from 5 to 15 years.
Is ESCO financing available in a currency other than PLN?
ESCO financing is available in EUR and PLN.
What is the average energy price in this model?
During the lifetime of the installation, the average cost of energy generated is around PLN 200-400/MWh
I have several power delivery points, can I still use this solution?
Yes, as part of the power balancing service, it is possible to use energy at many different power delivery points.
What is the difference between off-site ESCO model and PPA contracts?
The PPA agreement applies only to the purchase of energy. The off-site ESCO model is a decarbonization service, which allows our customer to become a producer of green energy and, after the subscription period, the owner of the installation.


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